II Every place, piece and path has a story.

Like all stories, mine too starts from the beginning, from the cradle, from mincing clay in my mother's studio, from seeking her advice on my early childhood paintings, to watching my father grow delicate beauty in the garden with his own hands. However, mine is also the story of survival through times marked by fear and atrocities, enveloped by the constant strife for good deeds to prevail, based on values of thoughtfulness, carefulness and a sharp eye for comprehending situations, unlocking motives, deciphering unclear situations. These have been great lessons, and as the times seem to come back in full spiral again,  I am certainly more prepared to manage them.

I learned to weigh thoughts and words carefully during my early teenage years, followed the uncertainty of a refugee life; we brought with with us the only valuable family possession - our art & book collection. At the University, already in the free world, I chose words as a means to express my passion for art. Carefully Selected Words & Art have since become the axis of my professional and private life. Together now they form the basis of Ambassade d’Art, courtier en art.  I have the trust to receive important mandates and a network of trusted professionals that ensure discreet, correct and professionally conducted sales of important artwork. I am pleased to have the trust of private and institutional clients.

Occasionally, I also love to curate exhibitions to allow art permeate our public spaces, as well as private.

By the time it reaches an end, I will have helped enrich many wonderful collections; I will have helped collectors earn well on an intelligently selected art investments, I will have made collectors pleased to sell well or make an excellent, well priced acquisition, I will have made artists proud of exhibitions and myself proud of the management of transactions that makes sense financially as well as intellectually. I hope in my journey, I have a chance to meet you!

Zané Grants