Ambassade d’Art announces the opening of offices in Verbier, Switzerland

Ambassade d’ArtTM announces the opening of offices in Verbier, Switzerland as we launch our chalet + art concept & expand our PR for Art business to the best resorts in the Alps.

Ambassade d’Art curates chalet + art VIP exhibitions, which in the summer of 2016 will take place in Verbier during the Verbier Festival, and in Crans Montana & Gstaad shortly thereafter; in the foreseeable future also in Megève & Zermatt.    

Ambassade d’Art is a full service arts management firm, providing investment, collection care & exhibition services. Ambassade d’Art partners with renowned real estate & architectural firms, esteemed galleries, auction houses, & art fairs around the world, as well as companies that provide services to collectors such as art transportation & insurance. We work on commission basis for investments and exhibitions, and with clear fees for collection care clients.

Ambassade d’Art clients are private collectors, as well as companies with corporate art collections; we collaborate with curators in banks and art acquisition funds, museums and associations.

Ambassade d’Art always remains on the side of the collector – we help clients define their collecting needs & choose corresponding works, while ensuring that acquisitions increase the wealth portfolio & result in a comprehensive, tasteful collection; we double-check numbers with multiple art funds for investment decisions & we work with architects & designers to ensure proper placement of artworks. We work hard to research & check that art is acquired form proper sources at a correct price, that its documentation is valid, and that each acquisition has an acceptable proof of provenance.

At Ambassade d’Art we ensure proper care of each item in the collection, through our collection care service. Ambassade d’Art ensures full confidentiality, as our core business is to be on the collector’s side.