Art Basel VIP collectors visit with Ambassade d'Art

Ambassade d’Art invites our collectors to experience Art Basel with us. In 2016, we are undertaking to organize your entire programme for one or two days of your choice. 

Art Basel will provide Ambassade d’Art guests with VIP cards, which will allow you to gain access to the main fair as well as to other key surrounding exhibitions, museums, and exclusive events. You will also receive special invitations to select venues, which are open only to the world’s top collectors. 

Each day you will enjoy a fine dining meal in the company of fellow art connoisseurs and collectors. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to hold meaningful conversations with artists, art historians, and gallery owners. Most importantly, you will be able to ask questions throughout the day, and you will be learning throughout your visit.

Our goal is to give you a better understanding of fine art collecting and to provide you with insight into how Ambassade d’Art market intelligence and acumen helps you shape your collection with purpose, professionalism, and wisdom. 

We will also provide you with an insight into art collecting as a psychology bridging inter-generation gaps in families, helping reconnect couples, teams, and reconstruct friendships.