ART BASEL VIP Guided Visit 2017

Ambassade d’Art is pleased to offer a complimentary visit to Art Basel on Thursday, June, 14h15 – 15h30

Meeting point: collector’s lounge entrance at 14h.

Please, take contact to register. This is a VIP visit – spaces are limited & subject to availability.  Guided visit will last one hour and a half.

Ambassade d’Art is a full collection care service:

// private fine art sales & acquisitions, dealership in well established artists by mandate, serving private & corporate collectors,

// construction of collection concept, acquisitions advisory, including pre-investment research,

// communications concept & implementation,

// inventory care.

Ambassade d’Art // Mme. Zané Grants

+41 78 818 9089

Artwork on invitation cover:

Thomas Huber

vis-à-vis IV


oil on canvas

100 x 200 cm

Courtesy of the artist and SKOPIA / P.-H. Jaccaud

Visible at Art Basel UNLIMITED, 2017

Photo © David Ertl

…The spectator is at the same time excluded from and included in his paintings. The canvas determines the point of encounter between the painting’s own visible reality and the hidden depths of the image, this mise en abyme underlining its enigma. For Huber, the image is also a social place, making space for the encounter with the spectator. The artist does not only create the image, he also becomes its watchman, in charge of its fate. Faced with disaster and catastrophe from the world, the artist will ceaselessly report it in his work, but also – illusion! – try to order the disorder and to fix the visible damages.


Text is taken from curatorial statement / Skopia for Art Basel Unlimited 2017.