Ambassade d'Art
Personalised curatorial service for Private & Corporate art collections


  Private sales & acquisitions of important pieces,
  Catalogues, maintains & researches fine art provenance data, 
  Curating private & corporate collections,
  Organising of exhibitions for private & public viewing spaces,
  Managing insurance, transportation, storage & other services.

Ambassade d'Art brings ease into collecting

Collection Care* is a core pillar of the trio of collection management; the other two are development (growth, enrichment, etc.) and use (display, research, etc.) of collections. At Ambassade d'Art we call the last two areas - Placement & Exhibitions, and they encompass the entire spectrum of activities from research, acquisitions, curating, to communications. Please, contact zane.grants@ambassadedart.com for further inquiries.

Ambassade d'Art provides the full spectrum of collection management services

II  Collection care is an ongoing digital and physical stewardship of carefully assembled objects, which not only serves to prevent or delay the deterioration of cultural heritage, but also solves the following problems:
II  Lack of collection care often results in expensive mistakes (for ex. deficient certificates & documentation, loss of objects, improper cleaning and installation, insufficiently researched sale /acquisition, outdated insurance coverage);

Ambassade d'Art Collection Care helps you avoid mistakes

II  Time & money is wasted in finding the right services – your time has worth; Ambassade d'Art works with trusted partners to ensure precision & competitive rates; Ambassade d'Art offers more value than the do-it-yourself approach or delegating the work to a secretary, who is not a collection care professional.
II  Collectors are not prepared to present their collection; Ambassade d'Art Collection Care helps you define goals & provides state-of-the-art digital tools; thus, your collection is accessible on all your devices at all times to show and discuss as needed.
II  The value of your collection should be updated (for ex. to sell off pieces or to organize adequate insurance coverage), especially if you have several locations;

Ambassade d'Art tracks & manages all moves

II  Opportunities to loan to museums & other exhibitions, which raise the value of artworks are often missed; your Ambassade d'Art collection manager is on the lookout & keeps you informed.
II  Sale/purchase opportunities are often missed & pieces ‘burned’ through advisor chains and unclear commission practices;

Ambassade d'Art services yield direct contact & transparent pricing

II  It’s no secret that actions on the internet are tracked; Ambassade d'Art uses your favorite services/tools such as Collectrium, Artnet, Artprice etc. while your own identity & interest remains private.
II  Sometimes you need expert legal advice (for ex. transfer of ownership, to include your collection in your inheritance documents); at other times you may require a second opinion from experts in Art Funds or the finance sector in general.

Ambassade d'Art outsources trusted expert advice

II  Banks don’t loan against art collections without their proper care;
Ambassade d'Art Collection Care solves such obstacles.

* Definition by American Institute for Conservation of Historic and Artistic Works (AICHAW).