Leaves is a photo series by Gérard Musy, which subtly addresses motions of the subconscious through space & time: the wandering of an eye, as well as of the wandering of the physical and of the poetic self. Homophonically, the word ‘leaves’ also suggests departure, thus, combining the ephemeral passage of time with memories.  Gérard Musy’s images of the woods are deliberately absent of trails; they are an invitation to strip away imbedded norms and to step away from pre-established paths in search of a poetic utopia. None of the images are cropped or digitally enhanced: in their original form, they represent a pure glimpse through the artist’s lens. Leaves may well be the most lyrical body of work by Gérard Musy, an artist who usually captures the backstage fashion industry and extremes of urban life. 

Leaves will be presented in Château Giez, Switzerland during the Giez Festival of classical music - September 28th to October 1st, 2017. The château is the birthplace of hostess Christiane de Müller, who in 2016 invited Zané Grants Wolff to curate exhibitions.  Gérard Musy, who currently lives in Paris, is from the Giez/Yverdon area, and some of these images are taken from the region. 

II  Verbier, Switzerland. On Kawara. One Million Years. With artist Valentin Carron.