Every space, every art piece and every life path has a story

Like all stories, my interest in art has a beginning; it starts from mincing clay in my mother's studio, and in seeking her advice on my early childhood paintings, and extends into memories of watching my father tend delicate plants in the garden. However, my story is also that of survival through times marked by fear and political uncertainties. It is a discreet beginning, and one that is based on thoughtfulness, observation, silences, curiosity and a sharpness of eye. Then came a life of a refugee and all of the sudden the entire world opened up. From our previous life we had with us our only valuable family possession - our art & book collection, but the values stayed solid. At the University, already in the free world, I chose words as a means to express my passion for art. Carefully Selected Words & Art have since become the axis of my professional and private life. Together now they form the basis of Ambassade d’Art.  I receive important mandates and I have developed a network of trusted professionals who ensure discreet, correct and professionally conducted sales and acquisitions. I am pleased to have the trust of private and institutional clients. Occasionally, I also curate exhibitions to allow art enter into a conversation with space.

By the time this story reaches an end, I will have helped enrich many wonderful collections; I will have helped collectors earn well on an intelligently selected art investments, I will have made collectors pleased to sell well or make an excellent, well priced acquisition, I will have made artists proud of exhibitions and myself proud of the management of transactions that makes sense financially as well as intellectually. It is a pleasure to work in this field, and I invite you to schedule a free call to further discuss my services and your challenges, needs and options for solutions.

Zané E. Grants Wolff  

Image: My first selfie with Nokia  mobile phone January 2011