Feb 11, 2019

Jonas Mekas’s cinematic work is a jumble of film, with emphasis on the visual poetry of the captured moment as much as the sound. His camera participates, questions, intertwines, untangles, cuts, explores, turns on itself, dances and most importantly archives; it sketches out the face of an entire generation, as varied as Andy Warhol, who became the central figure of the New York pop-art movement; the first lady, Jackie Kennedy; the pioneering performance artist Yoko Ono; the filmmaker Carl Theodor Dreyer, of whom Jonas Mekas made a film portrait in 1965; and the surrealist painter and filmmaker Salvador Dalí, who came from Spain especially because he felt “something seemed to be happening in New York,” and Dalí wanted to be part of it. Together in 1963-64 they made a series of happenings, which Mekas made into a short film called Salvador Dalí at Work. Mekas also made a silent film with Andy Warhol called Empire. Revisiting rolls of footage, Mekas later made films about many of the people and places that had been a part of his earlier life. This Side of Paradise, which is about the summers that Mekas spent with the Kennedy family, was completed in 1999. ...

In essence, Jonas Mekas was a part of all of the personalities and artists he worked alongside – he carried them in his work as much as they carried him in their art. Jonas Mekas participated in his own time and in his own documenting of it. As for the generations that came afterwards, what he has left for us in this age of technology and abundance of home-made videos, is the reminder of the beauty of life on a human scale.


Feb 07, 2019

It is extremely rare that a collector immediately becomes an art world insider. Passion comes first, and then in due course it is followed by the necessary knowledge, experience, and originality in taste. The initial drive is frequently based in an interest in art as an asset class, and later, it frequently either grows into a life-long practice or simply ends. For both, the collector-to-be and the seasoned collector whose collection needs to be managed and looked after, the role of an art advisor is indispensable....